Women Celebrating Men: How Fayerweather Douglas, Creator of ‘Men’s Issues Discussion Group’ on FB, Celebrates Men

How Fayerweather Douglas Celebrates Men:

“For the past several years of my life, I’ve become devoted to helping men solve their problems with meeting women, getting dates and succeeding in romantic relationships. I am a men’s dating coach and I give men online dating advice, in person advice and makeover advice to help them more easily attract women. I’ve seen first hand for many years how the dating world is slanted towards women and how confused, frustrated and angry men have become when subjected to the often capricious and entitled attitudes of women on the dating scene. I’ve watched seminars, read books and studied pick up and attraction coaching for over 4 years now because I saw a deep need for help from among a community of men who were striving to do the right thing with very little guidance and advice. So, I consider myself a “Wing Girl” as well as a female MRA.

In addition to this, I speak up on behalf of men whenever comments among friends and coworkers turn misandric or anti-male. I also created a men’s issues Facebook group to provide men and female supporters of men’s rights a safe space to talk about problems, issues and concerns.

On top of that, I just love men and want to fully acknowledge and support positive male role models, positive thought patterns and a positive public image of men whenever possible.”

Fayerweather Douglas
Creator of ‘Men’s Issues Discussion Group’:



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