Day 26 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 26 of 100 Days on how to treat men right and lead with your heart in relationship and daily interactions with men.

#26 Value the safety of men.

Men work in highly dangerous jobs to create an income to support a family. These jobs are known to be dangerous, so why do these jobs continue to stay at often lethal levels? It is because the safety of men is not valued. If we truly valued the safety of men wouldn’t we fight by their side to ensure they had only safe working conditions? Instead of raising the amount of money for these dangerous jobs why not focus on making them safe?

If we value the safety of men, then wouldn’t we all be rising up and fighting to make sure male domestic violence victims have shelter to go to? A place to flee with their family? A court system that does not keep the man and his children tied to an abusive woman?

If we value the safety of men, why do we see so many homeless men on the streets and just see it as normal?

Society has become dis-sensitized to men’s pain and it’s even become a joke. In most movies you will see at least one man being kicked in his crotch and the laughter that ensues is intense. Why is that funny? Most often than not the character being hurt in a movie for ‘comedy’ is the male.

It is important that men are safe in society and it’s time to recognize that. What can you do to support the safety of men?


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