NYC Burlesquercise

Tuesdays and Fridays enjoy a fun, sexy workout by the East River!

Come get fit, feel sexy and increase your confidence while learning how to Burlesque!

Embrace you body every step of the way of your fitness journey! Burlesque is a great supporter of body love. You’re never too thin or too voluptuous to feel good in your skin while you work to achieve your body goals!

Outdoor Classes by East River
Enjoy a gorgeous view while you dance yourself fit!
Learn Classic and Neo Burlesque

Why do boring workouts when you can dance?

Come dressed in comfortable workout outfits that allow full mobility. No fishnets, revealing clothing or tassels, we will be outside after all you naughty thing! Save that for another class 😉

Bring water and a towel and get ready to sweat while you Burlesque!

$10 per person, per class
Purchase your class below to ensure availability
First come, first serve!

Book your spot now!


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