My time at AVFM’s First Inernational Conference on Men’s Issues


One thought on “My time at AVFM’s First Inernational Conference on Men’s Issues

  1. Mike says:

    I’ve watched most of the conference as it happened online, and the upbeat spirit of goodwill and newfound companionship in that hall was palpable to me even here in Germany. Congratulations to all of you!

    I hope something good comes out of this all, something that can act as an inspiration to the MRM in Europe. However there’s no european Paul Elam in sight anywhere. The leading activists here are talented at writing books, but not good at kickstarting things and drawing a crowd.

    It will be interesting to watch your movement grow during the next months and years and I hope all of you find solutions for the challenges ahead. My feeling is that there will be two main areas you need to work on:

    1) Right now it looks like AVFM has quite a central position in the movement (correct me if I’m wrong). One the one hand that makes things like organising a conference easier, because you get things done, one the other hand it makes the movement vulnerable. Attacks will no doubt increase in the future, and if the enemy finds a recipe against AVFM, what then? There needs to be some kind of decentralisation so that the fire stays alive in case shit happens.
    Especially from the point on when the MRM starts getting a tiny bit of access to the money pots that now only nourish the feminists, all hell will break lose. Feminist attacks will be ruthless then.

    2) There probably will be moderate feminists in the near future who want to cooperate with the MRM, because they acknowledge the MRM is making at least some sense to them. No doubt those people will be attacked by the feminist establishment and the mainstream media. Some of those people will most likely lose their jobs because of cooperating with the men’s rights movement. The movement needs to be prepared for such a situation and offer some kind of support and safety net to them.
    Maybe you think this is far-fetched, but here’s something that happened in Germany a few years ago: In Germany, most cities employ so-called equal opportunity commissioners. Those commissioners are, in 99,9% of the cases, feminist women who are expected to make life easy for women and hard for men. The usual story: Aid money for women as soon as they show their face, nothing for men. Helping untalented women to get promoted in the workplace just because they’re women, instead of acknowledging that a hard working man has probably earned it more. And so on. Anyway… there’s one woman who didn’t want to do what was expected of her: Monika Ebeling, the (now former) equal opportunity commisioner for the city of Goslar. She had the audacity to say that she was doing her job not only for helping women, but men and boys too – creating TRUE equal opportunities. Of course that made the local feminists raging mad and foaming at the mouth, so they pushed some political buttons. Then it didn’t take long and the City Council of Goslar kicked Monika Ebeling out of her job. Expect similar things to happen in your movement.
    Mrs Ebeling is now loosely connected to the German MRM. She’s probably the only woman here that I’ve heard of possessing a bit of the honeybadger spirit…

    You’re all doing important work over there – setting examples and creating new positive memes for patterns of behaviour towards men.Thank you for that!

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