So, I’ve been thinking, I do this at times, I know, dangerous! I’ve been thinking about supremacy. I don’t agree with supremacy nor do I operate with that in my BDSM, however, I know there are those who do. The way I see it, and good god it’s take me YEARS to get here, is that there is nothing harmful about supremacy if done within the BDSM realm or if outside BDSM realm done with the same boundaries ‘Safe, Sane, Consensual’.

I’ve noticed the major problems arise when that goes out the window. Of course this is why I believe BDSM as such an essential part of human connection even if those who learn it decide to not go deeper into the BDSM world. The basis of BDSM I strongly feel is essential for healthy human connection.

So, I started looking at supremacy groups in society, even ones I completely, completely do not agree with and start to create the conversation not of saying they shouldn’t exist but of teaching them to move that into creating a healthy way of expressing that. To say they should not exist suppresses what is there which can lead to dangerous explosions of violence towards themselves and/or others. To teach them how to go into this fantasy-even if it’s not fantasy to them, so probably best not to address it as fantasy-in a ‘Safe, Sane, Consensual’ way would alleviate so much tension in our society and I believe create more harmony amongst the many, many human tribes.

This acceptance and healthy outlet for expression would help clarify human communication and I believe help dissipate any self hatred in people who may have cognitive dissonance regarding supremacy-I’m not saying all do, but any who do experience this may find relief. Also, this may hopefully dissipate the rage against these people. Hey, when a supremacist comes in my realm, I’m no mercy vocally.

However, if they learn how to create a space where they can feel accepted and safe to be themselves, it would seem there would be less spill out into daily life. Meaning less non-consensual interactions with supremacists and I think supremacists would feel relieved and happier as well, leading them to fulfilling daily lives. Supremacy, can at times be emotionally charged. Whether I understand all of the supremacist groups or not, emotions must be expressed or this creates dangerous situations for them and others. The reason for all of this education itself, again even though I’m in non-agreement- supremacy may not be harmful, but recklessness with supremacy is and can and has turned criminal.

Meanwhile, I will continue to respond accordingly towards reckless supremacists. I have no problem letting them know their recklessness is unacceptable and I will verbalize that how I see fit. If and when they trample my boundaries or those of the human rights of others, that’s when they need correction. I’m completely available to teach said correction.


4 thoughts on “Supremacy

  1. Mike says:

    Maybe we as human beings just have to accept that we consist of many different parts and behaviour patterns. And some of those parts aren’t made for the real world… if you put them out of their “let’s play and let’s pretend” context, they don’t make sense and don’t work. It would be great if we just could accept that.

    But that’s not easy. Many people do not feel comfortable detecting contradictions inside themselves. So being born with an urge to dominate or an urge to submit is a mayor challenge… there’s an inner need to make it all fit together with the rest of someone’s being.

    So maybe, supremacists could be just dominants who took the wrong turn when trying to “make it all fit together”? They invented a whole fricking philosophy as justification. Same with submissives who went down the road to self-abandonment and self-destruction, just for the reason of inner consistency and being free of contradictions…

    I completely agree with you that healthy BDSM could be the perfect playground for relieving people of all kinds of inner tensions. More people into BDSM would mean less real violence in the real world. For example, one has to experience the peaceful, mellow, calm-and-clear-as-a-dewdrop feeling after having received a good, consensual whipping to believe it. You don’t get that feeling anywhere else.

    The supremacists want to eliminate the “consensual”, they say “You HAVE TO to submit. I’m better than you because I’m female, male, white, black, red, yellow, have the right religion, non-religion, […]”. That’s all stupid. They think they’re better just because they say so. But they’re not…

  2. Samantha says:

    As a practicing mistress on the BDSM scene I’d like to leave this message of my full support in your writings on the matter above. All too often I come across the more unscrupulous aspects of unhealthy and damaging D/S dynamics within the BDSM community. I couldn’t agree more about the nurturing elements of what a true Domme/mistress has to offer the sub/slave and the deep connection of such a dynamic can bring to both to enhance, enrich. After all, as alluded to above, a Domme/mistress has no real power to exert over another, it is the gracious gift from the sub that is the bed rock of any relationship in this context.

    I am often appalled at the seemingly thoughtless regard for the depth and integrity of the submissive and the introspective insight he/she has in order to give up that submission to another. It should be treated as a rare and special gift from one to another. Culminating in a deep respect and understanding for each other and sadly not the common practice of feeding from another to elevate ones own self worth and validation. I’ve had the good fortune of traversing through the many different aspects of BDSM and crossed paths on that journey with some magical and enlightened souls. Something I hadn’t factored on in the begining of my personal journey. With out them all, I would not now have the incredible insight in to my own multifaceted self. Of which I am immensely grateful and thankful for. I’ve explored female supremacy and read texts from scollarly feminists. All left me with there own mark in their own way, but I always, always come back to the profound understanding that it is I, that is only given space with which to personally grow and evolve in this area and thus In others. Because of the beautiful gifts born from the submissive and a bond that then grows from this. Anyone who feeds like a parasitic growth from the strength of others to elevate and give validation to their lives, are to be avoided in a D/S context and should be challenged by their peers if a none mutually beneficial outcome is apparent. A symbiotic respectful exploration through self discovery should be fostered and encouraged by all who seek to grow and gain their own enlightenment in the rehelm of BDSM. So this has my full and upmost respect and I fully support the content above in its entirety. Many thanks for posting, it lifts the heart to hear a kindred spirit speak so eloquently on the subject, many thanks x

  3. Samantha says:

    P.s I’ve got a slightly different take on the potential benefits to a female/matriarchal society and not the common view of women above all to the benefit of all women. Mine has more to do with compassion and empathy as its prime end gain. A kind of Gaian approach with the loving and nurturing hand for the ultimate benefit for all. A view that’s often met with great distain from my peers and one that I will continue to advocate as a opporsite to an oppressive matriarchal society, of which seems to be the most common thread. But as written above, placed in the wrong hands and for the self gain of others, then this is a recipe for a disastrous totalitarian and tyrannical outcome and abuse of all that the infinate possibilities it could lovingly open up when managed with compassion and empathy at its very core. A view im constantly challenged upon from the more fanatical and less learnered members of the BDSM female community, usually with abusive reprisals when offered this more gentle offering as an alternative to the darker side of female supremacists/matriarchal societies. It’s not about absolute domination or world domination via female supremacy, it’s more about the history of what a Gaian, motherly approach that sits more a kin to the earths evolving collective conciouness that has connections with anything and everything, interconnected to the universe as a whole. But I’ll leave my own metaphysical thoughts to myself, as they are simply just one more view amidst a great any others. never thought for one second that I’d end up with a hippy, Earth loving, female supremaist debating the infinate possibilities with an aggressive totalitarian elitist female supremacist, that’s for sure. Still life is always interesting that’s for sure! Thanks once again x

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