“I Support Men’s Rights Because Men Are Human. What Other Reason Do You Need?”~Hannah Wallen

Hannah Wallen put out a call asking women to take photos with a sign saying ‘I Support Men’s Rights Because Men Are Human. What Other Reason Do You Need?’. Took it to the streets April 10 and April 11. So, here’s what happened:

April 11:


These ladies were the first to show their support by a nearby campus. I am posting them in chronological order to help share the experience a bit better as well.


Next, I see these 3 ladies standing by a camera crew. I assume it’s either a news crew or since they were near a campus, maybe college students. The first lady on the left when I asked, immediately said ‘Of course!’. The woman in the middle when I told her that there were extremists who were against men having a human rights movement she was disgusted and said, “Why would anyone be against a men’s rights movement?”-Awesome! And the lovely lady you see to the right I just found out is famous Indian Actress Sumona Chakravarti!! This may mean that the ladies with her are also Actresses but I cannot confirm that at this time. But wow! Awesome!!


These women actually all leaped up to take the photo! Way to go for enthusiasm and support!


Another group of women supporting at the park 🙂


The women who posed had questions about the MHRM and these women in particular wanted to know more. So, I shared with them and they were very happy to hear about the movement and what the MHRM is doing for men.

That was for April 10 and that was in one hour! I was so impressed to see that many women in an hour showing their support!


On the way home I saw a bus with that crap on it. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, ugh! That ridiculous ‘All Men Must Die’ crap all over the place. So, I grabbed my trusty marker and place this on the bus, but since I didn’t have any tape I couldn’t mount it on. I was able to ask a couple of men passing by to take a photo. They said, ‘What the hell is that?’ I said, it’s bullshit. They said, ‘Yes, it is bullshit’. Then I placed ‘Be Loved’ over it and they were kind enough to take the photo and wished me well.


When I got home, I made sure to do mine 🙂


April 11:


Headed out to the park and these were the first ladies to show support. The sun had an intense glare and they were very kind and patient as I had to reposition the sign many times.


This lovely lady was also extremely patient as that sun was providing intense glare. She changed positions and dealt with many photos before I was finally able to see the sign. The man sitting next to her smiled while we were doing the photo and wished me well on what I was doing, she wished me luck as well.

Then I tried a group of ladies and then a woman sitting on her own who was skeptical about the MHRM and I said, whatever she heard was for sure from feminists and would be a warped view. The rest of the conversation I can’t remember exactly but I ended up letting her know that I used to be a feminist so I know that trap very well. She said she would look into the MHRM as she hadn’t researched herself. I wrote down the sites for A Voice For Men [AVfM] and National Coalition For Men [NCFM] and my page The Return of Femininity[TROF] (which I admin with two other ladies Monica Lenne and Gina Rose). She said she would check them out.

Sounds good!


These were the other lovely ladies who shared their support at the park.


Even though her friend was too shy, this woman did share her support and was very happy to.


Now, I decided to make a sign and try seeing if people would come to me. I made a sing that said ‘Loving Men [it was actually a read heart shape followed by ‘ing] Means Supporting Their Human Rights. Take a photo and share your support’. I tried on one corner, didn’t work, so I went to an area of a street that was turned into an outdoor sitting area. I stood there for a bit. People passed by, nothing. One man sitting at the tables ahead of me stood up and read my sign and said ‘You love men? Is that what that says?’. I walked over and explained what I was doing. He was sitting with other men at that table and one woman. The guys asked her to take a photo and she did. She even asked the woman next to us to do it. The woman said ‘Men’s rights?’ And the lady above who took the photo said ‘Yeah, you know how women have rights, men’s rights.’ The other woman declined she wasn’t one for photos. But I thought that was cool that the lady above asked and the way she expressed it, awesome!


I went back to my post and stood for awhile holding the sign facing it around in a semi-circle. No one else was coming up and I was getting antsy so I decided to mosey on along and took the above 3 photos.


This kind woman was the first one to show support at the next outdoor lounging area.


The woman to the right is a Divorce Lawyer from California so when I mentioned custody as one of the men’s rights issues she said that in California there are equal rights for fathers. I do not know how custody works in California so I could not speak on that. She then said, here, custody issues here and I said yes and many states and countries. She decided to take the photo and show her support.


Here is the final lovely lady of the day that showed her support. Her friend, when I approached them and asked them to share their support, said ‘I’m a feminist’. To which I said, ‘That doesn’t mean you can’t support men’s rights’. She said, ‘Oh no, I’m a BIG feminist.’To which I replied, ‘You can still support men’s rights. Isn’t feminism supposed to be about equality?’ [dear god, I know it’s not but I wanted to confront a feminist with their own supposed stance]. She said, ‘Yeah, BUT.’ and left that as a sentence. To which I said, ‘No “but”s. If you’re for equality then you would support men’s rights.’ She came up with the lame excuse that she was on her lunch break. The lady above agreed to take the photo. The ‘but’ woman tried to tell her she could get in ‘trouble’ for being on her break?? what a load of shit. The lady above was not buying it and share her support- WOOT!

So, that is my bit of adventure gathering photos of these women who share their support for men’s rights and the Men’s Human Right’s Movement!

Thank you all!

Here is the article by Hannah Wallen with her call for women to spread this meme:


Ladies, feel free to join the campaign! Take a photo with the above sign and share it in comments either here or at the above link in the comments section of Hannah Wallen’s article on AVFM.





One thought on ““I Support Men’s Rights Because Men Are Human. What Other Reason Do You Need?”~Hannah Wallen

  1. StrengthMRA says:

    Thank you very much for doing this, this means a lot to me. I have had a couple bad experiences in relationships with women, but i never let that cloud my thinking, or judgement. I love women. And i hope more women will realize this. That we are not bad just because some one decided to use you, or hurt your feelings. Putting half the population in a box and demonizing Men, or Women should not be tolerated.
    Again, thank you!
    – StrengthMRA

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