Cut the ‘real men do blah blah blah’ bullshit.

Cut the ‘real men do blah blah blah’ bullshit. It’s ridiculous, shaming and dismissive of men as individuals. Who are you to define all men? Men are the only ones who can define themselves and only if they wish to do so.

How about this?- Real humans don’t group men into sneaky labels created to shame them.

So cut the shit!

Also, women, stop trying to define masculinity. That’s for men to do. Not your place.

As for feminine and masculine ENERGY when we are speaking of them both residing in each of us, there is no absolute definition. I believe we’ll move away from this one day and move more into something like the yin/yang in each of us.

Meanwhile, I’m bringing awareness to the dismissive, repressive and at times downright hateful nature the masculine energy is described.

The feminine is exalted and the masculine dismissed. What you are missing is the feminine cannot exist without the masculine. EVER. Stop telling men to embrace their ‘inner feminine’ when the feminine has been and is shoved down their throats every damn day. What needs to happen is people embracing and healing their relationship with their inner masculine.

AGAIN, I cannot tell you what masculinity is, I am not a man. What I can share is my experience from my extensive interaction with the masculine energy: pure heart, nurturing, playfulness, clarity, logic, protector, clear communication, creation, innovation, guidance, healer, creativity. These are some of the attributes of the masculine energy from my experience and interactions.

Men are the only ones who can define who they are and what masculinity is and you can either choose to listen or keep your head in the sand and tell them to be more ‘feminine’ or you can open yourself up to truly experience the beauty that is the masculine. Just know, your pushing of the ‘feminine’ is coming from a total dismissal of the masculine and the heart connection, nurturing father the masculine energy is. You keep praising the mother as if she self created, she would not exist without the father.

You want balance? Stop shaming your inner masculine and the masculine in this world. Because when you do, you are still associating masculine with being wrong, bad, destructive and unable to be healthy without the feminine. That is a lie. The masculine is whole, healthy, powerful and pure love all on its own with deep wisdom and healing that has been forgotten in this world. So, be still, receive the masculine and listen. There is so much healing to be done by fully and unconditionally receiving the masculine.


By Kristal D. Garcia


3 thoughts on “Cut the ‘real men do blah blah blah’ bullshit.

  1. Marlon says:

    Let me add something in hopes of stimulating positive thought activity.
    As a tree is not without its roots, one would do well to note the root of this notion of the disposable male.
    As history and mythology can never be an exact-sciences, let one remember the tale of a Virgin Mary birthing a male child-reputed savior of the world -without being inseminated by her own man. This tale can be seen as the chief purveyor of the displaced male/men ain’t shyt/I am the mother And father BULL that is so prevalent.

    • Agreed! We still have this issue with women being praised as bringers of life…well, last I knew, women cannot create a life on our own. Men are also source of life and THAT so very much needs to be acknowledged as well as appreciation and love of Father absolutely.

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