Standing Up To Corruption is Not Misogyny

There is a pattern in the way feminists respond to rationality: ‘You’re a misogynist, rape apologist’. Standing up to corruption is not misogyny, it is truth seeking. When a movement such as the feminist movement has turned into a well funded hating machine, it’s time for all humans to question what feminists are promoting and put an end to it.

The MRM is not anti-woman, it’s anti self entitled female sociopath continuing to run amok claiming victim. Proving that those who are pissed off about what the MRM has to say regarding feminism are self entitled princesses themselves. Otherwise, why would they take offense? No rational human being could take offense to a man standing up for his human rights.

The MRM does not hate women. In fact there are many female MRA’s such as myself. Oh, but I forgot, according to feminists ‘well, women can be misogynists too’. Misogyny means hatred of women. Now feminists have made that include ‘dislike, mistrust’ of women. It’s comical how confused the fembots are, truly. By their very definition, feminists are are misogynists for feeling ‘mistrust’ of women by thinking women need extra protection. Feminists don’t trust a woman’s power because they feel the need to coddle women. A powerful woman can own her choices and take self responsibility, feminism does not believe in powerful women. Back to the actual definition of misogyny which is hatred of women, the MRM are not misogynists. In fact, they MRM has more respect for women than feminism does. The MRM see women as powerful beings able to self actualize instead of infants needing to be pacified and unable to make conscious decisions. Feminists not only support female victim mentality, they promote it by supporting such insanity as the VAWA. VAWA, making it illegal to be a male by promoting women as victims in the world, the sole victims of violence. What a load of hateful sexist nonsense! Men are most likely to be mugged, men are most likely to sacrifice themselves in an altercation/robbery, it’s socially acceptable for men to experience violence and our society teaches men this misandric ‘lesson’ from boyhood. It’s also still considered acceptable for a woman to hit a man as women have been given the green light to be destructive monsters and treat men however they wish. Oh, but yeah, we definitely need a VAWA. VAWA equals grotesque exertion of feminist man-hating. There has not been an equal counterpart of this from men onto women. Men do not  make laws treating all women as criminals and promoting hatred of women, and the MRM has made clear they would not support anything of the like. It seems quite clear the movement seething with hatred is feminism. There is love of women in the MRM, there is hatred of the woman-hater, vicious damsel dead set on destroying the lives of men, unconscious slut who confuses her decision with sexual empowerment [nothing wrong with being a slut, but be conscious of your actions, be healthy with your choices and own your shit when you create situations for yourself you do not like, no I’m not talking rape, no one deserves to be raped, I’m talking stupid choices that are then blamed on men and ruin men’s lives, don’t be that girl] but there is no hatred of women. These are all archetypes of criminal women. Yes, this is criminal behavior but not treated as such and even worse, it’s praised! And then feminism says women are oppressed? Biggest lie of the damsel movement.

I am a human and am for men, my fellow humans by the way, living their authentic life and reaching their bliss. Opponents to this include women who are supported to live in victim mentality who then turn into violent perpetrators hell bent on stifling men. You see, there is a difference between victim and victim mentality. Victim mentality is the belief that one is always a victim in situations when they are co-creating chaos and there is no self responsibility at all. Whereas victims are actual victims of violence which all genders experience but male victims are not acknowledged. The victim mentality minimizes what actual victims experience and takes away from actual victims receiving the aid and support they need. This is because resources are wasted on those stuck in victim mentality playing the victim card to get ‘more’. These women try to get all they can because they feel it’s owed to them because they happen to have a vagina. The ‘princess’ is the epitome of self entitled victim who in her process of self destruct, wants to consume all that she can. Instead of teaching and guiding these women out of being manipulators, feminism supports them to be grander manipulators. Now, it’s not all the work of feminism. These women need to own their choice in continuing the life of self entitled man-hating with a penchant for victim mentality and decide to wake up, grow up and be a human. Just because women grew up with feminism does not excuse their behavior, women are not the victims of feminism either. For instance, just because here in America in the days of Black slaves that was what people grew up with, that did not make it right. Many people new this and stood up and did something about it and worked together with those who’s voice was being silenced. They stood for human rights. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be here typing on a computer to stand up for the humans today who are being treated as a sub species.

As for ‘rape apologist’- nobody wants rape to happen, no one. What people are saying is this, there are psychopaths in the world who are easily triggered by scantily clad people with exposed body parts. The best way to minimize being attacked by them is to dress and act in ways that make you stand out less to criminals. The reality is criminals do exist, psychos do exist. We have not reached a utopian level of society where there are no rapists and the advice to be conscious of clothing choice is very sound advice to raise chances of avoiding violence. No one is saying that there is a certain type of clothing that will keep anyone safe 100%, life is chaos and we cannot control everything, but we can control minimizing our risks.

All in all, the next time you hear a feminist on a war path, remind them it was men who shed blood for their freedom of speech. Men who lower their life expectancies by breathing in pesticides on farms gathering food to put on their table. Men who created the technology they use to bitch about how oppressed they are with their fellow Tumblr/Twitter ‘princesses’. Men who built the roof over their head, keep the streets clean minimizing disease, men who put their lives at risk working as miners covered in black coal dust for 12hrs and over daily to fuel the electricity they use to hold campaigns against men’s rights, the very coal that keeps these feminists from freezing to death in below freezing weather. Feel free to remind them that it is men who have no choice and are forced into war to make sure ‘princess’ is safe from invasion. Then that very ‘princess’ complains about how men are responsible for war while reaping the safety and benefits sustained by the death of soldiers. The MRM gives voice to men, a group that has been silenced for so long. Men have built and run the world and created luxury and safety with the price of their own safety and life, but how dare those damn misogynists have a voice.

It’s time for society to recognize the lies that feminism blankets itself in and actually listen to the reality that feminism is a movement of hatred. For those who say ‘Oh, but I’m not’ well, wake up to your movement because your movement very much is. I propose a challenge. For all the feminists who say they care about men’s rights, then actually listen to what the MRM has to say. If you are a feminist and say you care about men but still believe in patriarchy, you’re a liar. We come from systems created based on survival of the species. It was horrific, it was gritty but through our gender roles we survived. As Warren Farrell shares, we no longer need to live in survival mode. We are in a very important time in socio-cultural evolution where we can leave behind our old roles and move into authentic living. We cannot do that if ‘patriarchy’ is still seen as a reality. To blame our survival tactics on men is insane! We all survived, we all reaped the benefits, once again women are not owning their part in the survival reality and creating themselves as victims of survival- do you see how crazy that sounds? ‘Poor me, I survived! Damn men!’ All humans suffered. A man’s death has always been treated as a casual necessity of survival. We are past surviving, we can lay down our old roles and that includes treating men as if they are disposable and women as if they are inherently owed everything men produce. In order for us to rise together we must hear the voice of men that has been silenced for centuries.

The only real question is: Are you human enough to listen?


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