There is this song of who I am
Velvet rolling over melody expressing
All that is free

I was once imprisoned barely able to peek through
Polished silver armor
Festooned gauntlets
My eyes barely visible behind impenetrable shield
Minimal touches of flesh glimpsed by few
Even bare, it didn’t mean I could be seen

Chainmail adorned neck
Every manner of weapon shifting from palm to holster
Narrowed eyes, target found by feather tipped

I wanted to be a kiss
From that wish lips parted song
Entire being gleaming
Armor rusted
Satin took place
Shield drop
I can see

Chains slip into soft adorn
Weapons melted
Reborn into tools of service
Tools to magnify soul shine

My words create as my body saves me
From illusion prison of my battle ridden mind
I thank the trials, before and after
Then gift it birth in-possibile
My mind redecorate
My body heard
My soul sings its origin
My being collaborates with is
I am my voice
I am release.

outer space cosmos 2095x1443 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_40

I bathe in liquid you
Drenched in passion
Heartbeat rippling down spine
Pulse in ear
Every dimension existing in connect
Every dimension you
Every dimension me
I feel you solidly
I feel you as stardust
Reminding me of all I cannot grasp with words
Flashes of inner other worldly
Whisper me to the beginning
Before form
In form
This is our normal
Feels like home


outer space cosmos 2095x1443 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_40