I am a conqueror.

I am a conqueror. I feel it in my body. To be with this aspect of myself with no wrong I can look at it’s reach. I can see its touch. To give this permission, I give myself permission. I repurpose it. What is a worthy conquest? To conquer my own barriers, the very barriers of my Imaginings To be the truth of me. To be love. It is uncomfortable, I don’t mostly like the feel of it and I do relish the outcome. For each time I face my own walls I face face my own heart. Each conquest is a surrendering to the true nature of my being. Each conquest requires I stay free of armor and trust. 
I am a conqueror. I kneel to Source.

Words: Me

Artist: Unknown 

I am not a minority. I am a human being. Before I am a woman, black, Latina, ex homeless, single mom, I am a human being. Not a minority. Not marginalized. People suffer. That’s a fact. When we say ones suffering weighs more than another we dehumanize and scapegoat. It just doesn’t work and it’s just not a conversation of unity. It is not the conversation of finding how we work together as humans it is a stand still not forward movement. 
Can you hear I am not a minority? Can you hear I am human? I am American and live in a beautiful powerful country where luxury is my daily life. I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and no one can shove me down and say I can’t because I’m black. Can you hear my freedom that Martin Luther King Jr gave his life for? Can you see the power in me from my ancestors? 

Black people have ancestry of royalty. Because they were forced into slavery that is not who they were. They were majestic people of heart soul and power and to identify the black community for what was forced on them, slavery, is a disservice. Can you hear the reality of who the black community is and hear me saying enough of speaking to us like all we have to look forward to is the bottom of the barrel? We are Queens and Kings not the shackles that were put on our ancestors. I will not deny their majesty. I will not be addressed like a slave.

I do not divide from my darkness

As I do not divide from my light

I am the tender whisper of forgiveness 

As I am the mighty display of wrath

I am protector with blades askew

As I am mother holding babe

It is discernment which holds my wholeness 

Not avoidance 

I do not worship the dark 

I love embrace it

As it calls me to love the light of me 

To know that path in me

I bow to love

I hold my center in love 

Which is not devoid of struggle nor disagreement

Love does not cower from passion

I embrace the whole of me

And what I still cannot see,

I welcome to call my name to its breast

In the language of love

Written in fire or water.


I’m human I will hate. Hate is not the issue, it is the relationship with hate. No, I do not vow to not hate. And I don’t know a single human on this planet who does not know hate. My only vow is to be true to myself and to love myself in all of my fallible humanity which includes loving myself when hate comes present. 
It’s not hate that is the issue it is the denial of it which pushes it underground to fester rather than receive it as prima materia asking to be seen and accepted and loved. That is how I transmute the experience of hate into self love. I don’t avoid my human experience. I embrace it then choose self responsibility and self kindness. This is how hate transmutes to love for me.