Heat of you rises within me
Cracking spine of illusion
Opening me to origin of touch
The curve of your arm meeting your artist hand
Hand to be lost in
Your very being commands dance
My body eagerly obliges
The dance of you pulsing in the air around me
Gourmet sustenance to my soul
Music thunders
I am pointed in your light
To the beauty of my shadow
As she dances across wall, one with me
Crimson gown beats
Tale echoes in heart chamber
Your breath my passion
Your passion my breath
As you paint my dance
The one I only dance for you.

~To my Beloved.

This video is so healing. I have been working with and being present to my triggers. I love how she discusses the inner mean girl that women have that we bully ourselves with, and the inner mean dude men have that bully themselves with. How people have an inner bully and how to embrace that inner bully and love it and let inner wisdom, loving truth, guide us.

There’s a great exercise she shares in here and sharing her own experience and how she is able to be present to when she’s under an inner bully attack and be mindful. Self compassion, embracement of every part of being, even our inner bully and loving and celebrating every part of who we are.



I am a stand for Love.

I am a stand for Love. In this stand I am a Human Rights Advocate. That is gender and age inclusive. Men, women, transgender, children, adult, elders, all humans.

I am a stand for bodily autonomy. Every person deserves this right. Every person.

I see the value in the Sustainability discussion. We have one planet and it is very much alive and deserves proper care as every living being, creature and animal deserves. It is our home, nurtures our existence and life, it’s important we do the same in return.

I’m also aware I can only treat others, my community, my environment and my planet the way I treat myself.

If I don’t care for myself, how can I care about anyone or anything else? And so, in my stand for love, I support self care and self love. Self love is vital.

I used to think that loving myself, really loving and accepting who I am meant I would have no space for loving anyone else. But that’s not true, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Loving myself, practicing self care, I get to tap into the limitlessness that is love and I get to have space for others the way I have space for myself. It’s still a practice, and it is one that I am committed to in my stand for Love.

Every person is powerful. We have the power of voice and choice.

The individual prioritizing self and recognizing the impact of self in community, beginning with family, supports realization of connectedness. Within and with each other. We are all connected, beginning with one-  self. And the beauty of it all is that there is nothing to change or do. Simply allowing now to be. Loving self exactly in the moment, right now. Acceptance of what is.

Unity begins within. We rise, we rise together.

I am a stand for Love



Anger is pure. It is an emotion, it’s own energy, life, passion.
When anger is from the mind it is war. When anger is in the body, it is passion, channels through self love and I feel it in my heart.

Anger is pure it is my Lioness, it is my Panther, it is my Dragon, it is my Primal Tribal being focused, senses heightened.

I have not mastered speaking my body yet, my mind still wants to filter. In filtering it would lose it’s precious pieces and stumble out of my mouth coal, chipped rock instead of liquid Soveirgnity. It wouldn’t be me, not really, just a bastardized version of my wholeness.

So I am silent.

I pour her onto the pages, be with her in music, lay with her in stillness or rage. I don’t deny my anger, I allow my anger to feel loved, embraced, give it space to be fully invited. My anger is honored as an intimate conversation within myself.

Sometimes the best self love and self care with anger is silence. I listen as it is not the final journey, but the first page. Calls my attention to what must be heard within me. Most often a call to let go, surrender and self care.

How do you listen your anger?


Lips vibrate
There is no ground
Just water
Pulled deep
River Revelation storm
Sea wrenched part
Paws on sky
Hands on heart
Jaw tight
Back heavy
Shiver impulse
Ache exhausts
Tears burn
Un contained
Narrowed eyes
Racing through iron wood
I am animal
I am Moon.