Meet me

Live in my eyes

Touch rampant glow thriving in me

Lips sealed

Do you know what I’m in the midst of?

My lust to create churns in me

Do you have me all figured out?

Or does childlike curiosity still reign in your Kingdom?

Sail your ships to my waters

My Captain will await yours

By the rabid ocean

We will know tales

Past lives in which we crossed

Future lives which we knew

And the forever now of human pour

Raging, laughing, crying, smiling in time with the waves

Meet me.


Romance me

Take me in your arms

Whisper away my thoughts

Empty my mind

Soothe my limbs

Make me heavy

Take me away

Take me inside

Voyage my soul

Speak to my body

Tell me it’s OK that nothing makes sense,

It was never meant to

Carry me home

Kiss my voice

Understand me

When our non time is complete

Gently place me back

Unskilled hands are jolting

Gentle return is asked

Mr. Slumber,

Let me be your bride.