The Return of Femininity

For me my femininity is hearth space
As much as it is perusing elegant gowns,
In my dance moves when I exist between,
Core of my surrender, acceptance, embracement,
Search for lightness in my step,
My fuzzy socks, tints and scarce adornments,
Presencing delicate, tender,
Paint speaking across canvas,
Songs, storylines, garden, music
For me I feel deeply in my feminine when creating
Hearth space
I can feel the warmth of the fire
Vastness of ocean teasing closer
Wind blowing it’s crisp existence across my skin
Leaving my hair smelling of smoke and salt water
And the comfortable silence
Of happy bellies filled with love, understanding, nourishment
Surrounded by connection
Savoring the intimacy, tranquility of oneness
This is where I find root in my feminine
This is where I am present to harmony
Wholeness, humanity, star sand
Grounded in hearth space
Kristal D. Garcia
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As I stand clear and do not bend to change myself to please people I am very honored to lose people in my life that this confronts. I am free. I am whole. I am sovereign. If something doesn’t land right for me, I will be honest with myself and say so. I will be in integrity with my self care. Absolute agreement does not a healthy friendship make. I am deserving of healthy, open, authentic friendships.I am only ever speaking to myself. And the mirror is crisp. I have learned much about myself. So very interesting. Egress leaves a parting gift.



Love doesn’t ask for perfection. Love speaks up. Love asks questions. Makes messes. Owns and listens. Love gets through the mess to the gold on the other side. I am learning this. I see the reflection of my own tendency to treat people as disposable rather than be with my co-creation. Eyes opening.