Wake up feeling like I left half my body
In another world
Can’t measure up or down
Then this plane touches me
Grips me
Find myself starving to feel
All that is whispering
And it all comes back to me


I remember


I can do nothing but hear your call
My skin feels too tight
On my knees I bow in surrender
Echo into mecca
Dance deep in this nothingness
Where I come to meet
Where I am often greeted
Music of roar break the shell I don’t need
Make me dust liquid again
Till this frame is no longer memory
Until I am remember.
I can do nothing but hear your call


I am ferocity
It is a part of who I am
The intensity of my being
Can crack like lightening
This very vibrancy
Is retainer for deep tenderness
I am
It unfurls from me
In a passion
Laying down the earth moves in me
My ear pressed against celestial
Etched across my being
Many words
Trying to catalogue
That which is beyond word
I know what I hold in me
What drips from my fingertips
Emanates from my smiles
Orbs from my chest
I see my innocence
I treasure my beautiful heart
I see me.



I have felt the rumble of Shiva
Through the Kali of my body
Calling me to balance
Calling me to in
We wed internal
My Shakti open wide

You’ve kissed the blindness
From my war torn eyes
Awakening from cryosleep
My limbs spark alive
I have found within
That which I thought lost

I have begun unearthing my tools
It’s been so long I expected rust
Yet they activate as if tuned into yesterday
I have the tools to build with you in the rain
No storm could stop me.

My heart in the palm
Of Divine Union
While in ecstatic embrace
We breathe as one

I have heard whisper of your wisdom
Calling mine
Your voice glistening down my spine
Touching root
Hailing spectrum of color
Arc to violet
Yellow connects
Live stream
Philosophers stone beats
Lit branches golden liquid

I crave the howl and play of your word
The boom and gentile
And the space between in which you live
Your sacred dance
You sate my warrior into discernment
Humbled by surety of your step
I find my toes amongst footprints
And step into my own
Along your side

Thank you for seeing me.
I see you.