Have you ever felt so completely humbled by love in all its wholeness?
Feeling it roll down back sighing
Gentle weight on hair as it melts through touching each strand
Buzzing each follicle
I feel slow motion as if I’m in honey
My soul caresses my face painting it’s art
Bend of sun glow seems to hold me
As I am


If I were to choose the most prominent pain
And let it cascade
Just let it viral across the epitome of
Watch it flounder
I could see it’s dance
Just let it peel
Under blanket
There’s gold
Guilded remember
Of before form
Seaping through bone into palm of now


To my beloved

To my beloved, my partner, the beautiful man who holds my heart, I treasure you. You, your being is a gift to poetry itself. I’m consistently humbled by the love you are. Your authenticity is a fresh breath of air, your heart so pure.  I smile out of nowhere because you are. Held precious by you I’ve opened to ways of being I never thought possible. In your eyes of seeing me as whole I learned that I am. I love you with all my being. Thank you for loving me the way you do. You’re my heart.

~Kristal Garcia


My sacred feminine

As I step into deep exploration of my sacred feminine I wonder who she is for me, how she looks for me. My own unique individual connect with my wild femininity. Oh she is Kali with no doubt, and how else does she express through me.

In my journey I have deep fear of becoming unbalanced and only seeing feminine. I ground in my masculine to root balance.

The spiral, uzumaki, presents itself on my third eye.

I open to embrace my being as I continue remembering wholeness.


Attachment to acceptance is a self made prison with no visitors. No one’s interested in that facade but the dweller.

When I see myself looking out the bars I remember, god, this is bullshit. The most annoying illusion to myself is this. It shows up over and over. I just let go and keep letting go.

When I see it and say ‘you’re holding on to the bars again but you’re never there, you’re always here’ I just drop it. What I swore was form just dissipates and I’m left with innate freedom of being.