Stepping past temperate
Unfolds the epic
Wilderness guilded with promise
Enchanted slumber lulls
Pan’s footsteps echo
In the brush are midnight giggles
A fireplace keeps the stories alive
Eager smiles
Gasps hiccup
Squeals of surprise
Wake of laughter
Little hands clasping cups of tea
Whiffs of myrrh, frankincense and cinnamon
Swirl from chimney




Shadow Materia

Embracing the shadow is such a vital part of self-love. All that I as a human being told myself was wrong. All that I locked up to forget and survive, which is what we as people have learned to do. I don’t know how.

There come times when the shadow no longer able to be suppressed calls out and screams for admittance. For recognition, for sight- for love.

This is the dance with the shadow. I actually physically dance, it brings my body to express all that I haven’t allowed it to speak when I was busy surviving. It supports me listening and witnessing rather than taking on old destructive habits. This is so healing for me.

Those who are present to shadow materia are often treated like the hot stove no one wants to touch. Absolute avoidance or concern. I have no concern for this nor avoidance. It is very human and important to feel, to be alive and recognize the shadow. There is nothing wrong and shadow work can poke at anothers shadow to speak. I believe that is the fear reaction. That is fine. It is not my business.

For me, I would normally disappear myself when this experience comes up for me. Not anymore. I speak openly of this and freely as there is no shame in loving myself.

There is ultimately no ‘me’ or ‘it’ when it comes to shadow. It is all me. Just parts of me neglected asking for tenderness, acceptance, love. Facing social imprints, possibly even biological and genetic imprints, of shame straight from my very DNA. Shame, shame, shame. I face it all, the slivers of guilt to say it’s OK to all of it. That is not easy.

As I embrace and love my shadow, I stand in my innocence and recall who I am- Divine love. There is nothing to forgive and for me that is the practice to remember.

Shadow materia is the most pure substance to create with, it is just a conditioning that has made it seem otherwise. I choose to defy superstition and embrace love.



Day 39 0f 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Being present to fear and the shift to love

This is called self-forgiveness. Actually getting present to the fear and not avoiding it is really bringing me present to the capacity to be with it and hold it as a signal to practice remembering I am love. Getting to look at my mistakes not from punishment or shame but from a place of ‘OK, that doesn’t work. I love myself, that’s not who I am and now I can make the shift back to who I know myself to truly be.’ Not fix myself, there is nothing to fix. Get aware, bring myself back to love, forgive myself and learn. Punishment is not the answer, it never is. That just takes me further down a windy road away from love and away from my true self.

Getting present to the purity of my being, I forgive myself, stand in freedom and return to love.