Please sign this petition for: Creation Of Bureaus Within The UN Securing And Promoting Equal Gender Rights For Men and Boys

This petition was created by me and written by Jade Davis. The UN has ‘UN Women’ but no ‘UN Men’. This is discrimination against half the human population.

Please sign this petition to the UN:

Once the petition has ample signatures, myself and at least one other MRA will be in front of the UN with a bullhorn and the petition signatures.

I plan on making it extremely difficult for the UN to ignore this petition.

Thank you and please also share this petition along. Men and boys human rights needs cannot be ignored.


Day 58 of 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right

Day 58 of 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right

Let go of material obsession.

Now, I’m not saying drop everything and go live off the grid. I mean, if that’s your thing, well, have at it. I’m also not saying don’t get yourself something nice, sure, enjoy.

Who I am speaking to is the women who have lost sight of the value of men as people and have looked at what men can buy them instead. I touched on this on Day 16 where I talk about not taking advantage of the generosity of men. Here I want to go further.

If you are one of those women who feels you have the right to demand gifts, jewelry, etc and refuse to talk to men otherwise- you have a problem. This is not intimacy. This is entitlement saying ‘you need to pay me for my time’. It’s an underhanded form of prostitution. In fact even prostitutes off duty don’t act like this. Prostitutes off duty enjoy having a good time with the guys. So, if you’re one of the gals who feels entitled to gifts because of your gender, you have some work to do in being healthy in relationships.

Ask yourself, why do you think you deserve this? Because you are female? Because you are beautiful? I have some news for you. No matter how pretty your skin looks if your focus is material obsession men will be able to spot you and see you for who you are. If you are not capable of intimacy, please take the time to heal yourself. No man deserves to be treated like a wallet and no, you don’t deserve a diamond tiara for knowing how to wear make-up and having a vagina. Come back down to Earth princess and you will see worlds open to you. If you let go of that defense mechanism, because it is a defense mechanism, you will have deep fulfillment within and you be able to receive love on levels you haven’t even dreamed of.

I invite you to let go of material obsession and open your heart instead, that’s where the real gold is.

Day 57 of 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right

Day 57 of 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right

Embrace the sexuality of men.

For some reason when I share this some women immediately go into some panic. Their minds thoroughly muddled by the feminist rape hysteria, they have warped male sexuality into meaning rape or potential rape at any given moment. No. Stop it. That is dysfunctional.

When I say, ‘Embrace the sexuality of men’ if that invokes panic, fear or sadness for you, there is something deep for you to revisit, go within and heal. I am available to assist with this.

The problem is feminism is not built on supporting women past any sexual blocks or issues. Feminism feeds off of said issues to fuel their anti-male propaganda. If you are sexually unhealthy as a woman, you need to not enter the dating world until you are able to embrace male sexuality and men in a healthy way.

If when I say ‘Embrace the sexuality of men’ you do not go into a feeling of bliss, excitement or smile, there is something to be healed.
I’ll say it again, this is not normal.

A woman naturally is moved by male sexuality. Unless you are a lesbian, a real one, not a political one that is appropriating lesbian sexuality and being destructive in the lesbian community, but I’ll talk more on that later.

Sexuality is beautiful. We live in a society where it is not seen as such. However, the sexual dysfunction of many women is not being addressed and is being projected onto the sexuality of men with the help of feminism.

For those who do not understand what it means to embrace the sexuality of men, I will share this:

Embracing the sexuality of men is more than his body parts. It’s his soul, his voice, his mind, his individuality, his unique being as well as his body. His heart, his play, his wisdom. Embracing men and the sexuality of men happens in the present. Slowing down in the moment. Instead of blocking yourself, opening up your full feminine receptivity as it is naturally inclined to connect with men. That means let go. Stop trying to control everything, you can’t lead all the time. Surrender. Be right there with him in that moment and let go.

As for receiving, appreciating and embracing the sexuality of men as a whole that begins with loving men. When you are in a space of love with men, it is very easy to receive and enjoy the sexuality of men. Natural progression.

Stop living in the feminist cage or cage of whatever past you had. Guess what? Every human has experienced something painful in their lives, men have very much so, yet women are still loved in society. Who do you think supports so much love of women in society? Right- men.

Time for women to do the work to be sexually healthy in society and that begins with opening heart and that comes with healing. Time do to some work ladies. It’s not male sexuality that needs work, it’s the receptivity of male sexuality that needs healing and that lies within the hands of women.

Men have been generous with their sexuality. Healthy feminine celebrates, appreciates and loves this and receives all of the man before her. Destructive feminine blocks, denies her desire, shuts down her heart, hurts men and can even turn perpetrator.

You have a choice but the healing has to start within you. Stop projecting sexual dysfunction onto men and do your work. And when you are ready, authentically ready, come back and read this as a test. If the title excites you, then you’ve moved into healthy sexuality.

Healthy femininity, healthy women, embrace the sexuality of men and celebrate the sexuality of men.

Day 56 of 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right

Day 56 of 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right in relationship and daily interactions.

Support the brotherhood of men.

How can we as women support the brotherhood of men? This is a question I ask myself often. It’s very important that men’s brotherhood among each other is honored by us women. Here are a few ways to do so:

1. Don’t be mommy in a group of men.

I mentioned this in Day 1 of advice. Women we want to nurture which is great but can be overwhelming. If you have something to say, say it. But if you’re going in with the ‘now, now, boys’ attitude, you just became mommy-check yourself.

2. Give men space to get through their process with each other.

Again, if you are a part of the interaction say what is present for you. BUT, if you notice the conversation is becoming a back and forth between the men, butt out. This is something they need to figure out man to man and you’re not helping. I know, this can be VERY hard when you are watching the man you love in a heated debate. Your inner firecat protector comes out and you want to defend him. But this is not the time. You will only hinder a possible resolution between the two men. Step back or if your hellcat wants to pounce, leave the room. Respect their need to process this with each other.

3. Listen.

In Day 39 I share the necessity for women to remember to take time to be still and listen to the voice of men. This is vital here as well. We as women love to talk, we do, nothing wrong with that but how much are we missing when we are around men if we are the ones talking the most? Talk yes, no one is saying go sit in a corner, but make sure you are balanced and listen.

4. Honor men need time with each other.

Men have tried opening men only clubs but that has not been allowed. Now women are opening women only clubs? This is sexist. Not because women want women only clubs but because they feel entitled to this but refuse men this saying men should not be allowed. Nonsense. The return of men only clubs sounds like a wonderful support of the brotherhood of men.

Men spending time with each other is minimized or treated as dangerous in our society. How dare men want to get together for sports, or camping or whatever they want to do together as men, they must be scheming something? That is horrible. This disregards men and dismisses the brotherhood of men. It says that men are incapable and must be carefully watched by …the overlord-women? This is absolute female supremacy to say that only women are capable of getting together and creating a supportive environment and only women can be trusted. That is hateful and completely disrespectful to men.

Luckily, I’ve heard of lodges where men can gather together which is wonderful they can have space with each other and enjoy each others company together as men being.

5. Understand men do not need women to create their value as a person.

Now, when I say this, what do I mean? Do I mean women have no value? Absolutely not, we’re human of course we do. However, when women search for their own inner strength sans partner women are celebrated. When men do it, men are demonized. Why? Society has not shown respect to men as individuals. Men in a state of being, as you have heard me say, are not being received in a stat of being. Men’s value has been placed on what he can provide, not who he is as a person standing before you, being a person. For men to take the time to see their value outside of holding value because of having a woman in their lives, that is important.

Receive and understand when men are not interested in dating, they are on their own personal journey. This is not a ‘screw you’ this has nothing to do with you in any way. Don’t make this about you. Acknowledge that women are not the basis for a man’s worth, he is. Somewhere in our society this was warped to forget men’s inherent worth and only acknowledge men’s worth in relation to women. What it does is it places women’s intrinsic value above men’s intrinsic value. It says women are worth more and therefore in order to be worth, a man MUST have a woman or he has nothing.

No. Incorrect. A man is intrinsically valuable. Gold within. Nothing is needed to acknowledge that but his own self acknowledgement.

Should a man choose to be with a woman it is not in disavowing his own worth, instead in full acknowledgement of his worth and awareness of the love and respect he deserves from his chosen partner.

In all of this, men strengthen each other, remind each other, support each other, hold each other up when needed. The brotherhood of men is powerful and important.

6. Support men connecting with each other

I’ve seen women pit men against each other in sport, to get attention or out of sheer lack of self responsibility. Stop it. You are abusing the brotherhood of men.

If you hear some men say they are struggling with connecting with men, then support them in reconnecting with men. Ask them why they feel this way. Feminism preys on men who have felt hurt by men in their past just like they prey on women who have felt hurt by men. Instead of encouraging them to let down that old story, heal, and move into a better life, feminism says stay here and feed their anti-male agenda.

If there is a man in your life who feels disconnected from other men, help him heal that. At that part of the pain process such men will most likely only listen to women. If this is the case with your friend, you have a big responsibility to lead him back to his brothers. Whoever he felt hurt by does not warrant turning against his brothers. He needs them. Men need each other for support only men can give each other. Support him taking the steps to heal his past and to, even if it’s one step at a time, embrace himself and receive his brothers who will take it from there. They will be able to support him in his healing.

These are a few ways we women can stay conscious and support the brotherhood of men.

Day 55 of 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right

Day 55 of 100 Days of advice on how to treat men right in relationship and daily interactions with men.

Be mindful how you talk about men, how you talk to men and how you treat men, especially around your daughter.

You are your daughters blueprint for how she will see and treat men. If you have an unhealthy bitter view of men, you are creating a faulty foundation for your daughter and her relationships with men.

Family can often be the hardest to deal with in this. I know often the family dynamic and dramas can often leave one feeling as if they have to walk on eggshells. You can filter whatever nonsense they say by taking your child aside and telling them that is not acceptable what they are witnessing and you do not approve. Let them know so they do not take the scene they watch as an OK way to talk to men. It’s never too young to tell them this as they are absorbing everything around them and imprinting it into their behaviors.

What is repulsive is that misandry is so rampant you do have to be alert around your daughter. You, of course, can’t be there all the time but if you create a healthy foundation for her, she will learn how to decipher and weed out hateful behavior herself.

If you can’t look at it any other way- do you want your daughter to be happy? Then support her being healthy in human community and that includes receiving being healthy in daily interactions with boys and men. This healthy foundation of greeting men with heart will support her as an adult co-creating healthy relationships with men.

So, the next time you go out with your daughter, remember, you are her guide. Honor that and be mindful of how you interact with the men around you. Show her gratitude and open heart interactions with men and you will be giving her a great gift and creating an example of how all boys and men deserve to be treated. You will be providing her with tools on how to be loving and mindful and that is vital for all of us if we are going to shift into healthy human connection.